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Dr. Kim had a poster presentation on "Type 2 Nanotheranostics—MRI Guided Hyperthermia Using Magnetic Softness Tuned γ-Iron Oxide (MSTIO) Nanoprobes " 

Poster Presentation

2019 Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall Meeting & Exhibition

Boston, USA ​

Dec. 1 - Dec. 6, 2019 


Dr. Bae gave a presentation on "Colossal Magnetic Heat Induction of Magnesium Doped r-Fe2O3 Nanofluids (HyperTheranoidTM-1) and Highly Efficient Alternating Current Magnetic Field Generation System (HyperTheranoidTM EX) for Thermoablation of Cancers" 

Keynote speech

20th International Conference on Palliative Oncology, Clinical trials, Pharmacovigilance 2019

Paris, France ​

Feb. 26-Mar. 2, 2019 

International Biotechnology Congress.jpe

Dr. Bae gave a presentation on "Nano-thermal Medicine Approach to Protect Ocular Neuroprotection in Glaucoma Treatment" 

Invited Talk

BIT's 2nd International Biotechnology Congress

Fukuoka, Japan ​

Oct. 14, 2018 


On behalf of Dr. Bae, Dr. Jang presented an excellent talk on “Magnetically Softened Iron Oxide (MSIO) Nanofluid and Its Application for Ocular Neuroprotection in Glaucoma.”

Invited Talk

International Conference of Asian Union of Magnetic Societies (IcAUMS)

Jeju, South Korea ​

Jun. 5, 2018 


Dr. Bae gave a presentation on "NanoTheranosis" Magnetic Materials in Nanomedicine. This will lead to an international collaboration project between Bae's Research Group and KIMS. 

Invited Talk

Korea Institute of Materials Science (KIMS)

Changwon, South Korea ​

Jul. 5, 2018